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PingSkills Serving Secrets Revealed reviews and ratings on the Table Tennis Database. See users' ratings and reviews of the PingSkills Serving Secrets. Feb 6, 2015 Another tip: you can use Pingskill's online so-called “Vault” (for free) to write down these opponent analyses. Terry Duff. Ben have you seen any. Table Tennis Videos. Send us links to your own videos! For now, I'm only including free online videos. This section will probably grow rapidly - there. Pingskills - Serving Secrets revealed DVD. Description: Serving Secrets Revealed Table Tennis DVD. "Serving secrets revealed: Serving is an essential skill.

Hi Alois and Jeff, today im getting a new robot, and for the past months i have been playing table tennis quite for fun and not training, which made me improve. “The Gift” by Elaine Burnes depicts the panic of getting the right gift for a loved one when your shop-ping skills are questionable. Does time heal all wounds. Learn everything about table tennis from Olympic and Paralympic Coach Alois Rosario, and Olympian Jeff Plumb. Nov 24, 2010 SmartPong, numerous videos on the major strokes; Pingskills, with videos of the major strokes and techniques. Table Tennis DB. Lots of nice. Feb 27, 2011 YouTube video, 2:32 min. from Ping Skills Online Table Tennis Lessons. Demonstrated by Australian Olympic Coach Alois Rosario. See also. PingSkills produces Table Tennis coaching tutorials to help you improve your game. We regularly add videos on the strokes and techniques